Relay Auto Booker Refresher
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Best Relay Auto Booker for Amazon Relay loadboard.
Automate your bookings and boost productivity in an easy way!
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How it works

  1. ALERT - get notifications when new loads are added and rate changes
  2. SEARCH - use our advanced filters to find the best loads for you
  3. SAVE - saves last 50 trips that appear on the Amazon Relay loadboard to your database
  4. AUTO BOOK - let Rocket Relay book loads matching your criteria automatically
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Installing the Extension

Go to the Chrome Store and click "Add to Chrome". Add to Chrome
The extension will work with the Chrome browser on Windows and MacOS.
It also works on Android devices with Kiwi browser.

Accessing the Extension

To open the extension page, click the puzzle icon at the top right corner of Chrome. Then click on the Relay Auto Booker icon.

Signing In

To use the extension, sign in with your Google account. On the extension page, you'll see your License email and License ID. These will help expedite any requests or account lookups when contacting support.

How to subscribe?

On the extension page, click the "Start your 7-day free trial" button.
You'll get a 7-day free trial before payment is collected. To complete the subscription, enter your payment details on the Stripe form. Once you fill in your payment details in Stripe, your license will become "Trialing".
Simple alert mode is free forever. Please subscribe to activate search, save and autobook features or simply to donate. Thank you!

I subscribed, license still not active

If it doesn't update automatically, click on the refresh icon to the right of the license status. If the license is still not active after a few minutes, please contact us via email or Telegram to activate it immediately.

Canceling Your Subscription

TTo view, modify, or cancel your Stripe subscription, go to the Rocket extension page and click the "Manage subscription" button.
Alternatively, you can send an email to with your License email and License ID and we will cancel your subscription for you. If you forget to cancel your subscription at the beginning of the month and a payment is collected, please contact us and we will provide a full refund.

Warning: If you press the lambda (~) key on your keyboard, it will automatically click the Start button and refresh the page. You can use it as a hot key to quickly start and stop page refreshing.

Simple alert

When you press the "Start" button, the extension will remember the loads that are visible on the loadboard page and start refreshing it. If a new trip is added or the price of a trip goes up, you'll receive a sound notification. The background color of the trip will change to green if it is newly added or yellow if the payout has increased.


Use this mode to get notifications for specific trips. The inputs for Search mode are the same as for Autobook mode, so you can test how the extension works without any risk of booking the wrong trip. Use Search mode if you are waiting for specific trips to appear but don't want to use autobook.


This mode is similar to Search mode, but it will automatically book a matching load if one is found. The only difference is the "Quantity" parameter. If you enter a quantity greater than 1, the Auto Booker will continuously book matching loads until your selected quantity is reached. When you press the "Start" button, the extension will start refreshing the loadboard and try to book the load.
Make sure to double-check all settings before starting!

Auto expanding

If checked, this option will automatically open the details of the highlighted trip, saving you time and clicks and allowing you to see the stops immediately.

Fastbook button

'The Fastbook button checkbox activates the Fast Book button for highlighted trips in Simple and Search modes. When you click on Fast Book, it will automatically confirm the trip.

Price change, $

You can set a specific value for a price alert. For example, if you set the value to 200, it will only alert you if the price goes above $200 compared to the initial price.


The Randomizer adds a random pause before the next loadboard refresh, between 0 and the value you input in milliseconds.
For example, if you set the value to 3000, the pause after each refresh will be between 0 and 3 seconds (3000 milliseconds). This helps to make the page refreshing look more natural.

Max Departure time:

Use this to select the latest date and time your driver can depart. If a trip starts later than the Max Departure timestamp, it won't be booked. You can also combine this filter with the original Amazon Start/End datetime to set a specific time range.

Stem time:

This is the minimum time needed for the driver to travel to the origin. For example, if you need at least 2 hours to get ready and arrive on time, you can set the Stem time to 120 minutes to make sure you don't book a trip that starts in 30 minutes. This helps to avoid booking trips where the driver will be late and your performance score will not suffer, as well as protecting your Amazon business. If there is no need for a Stem time, set the value to 0.

Min-Max distance:

Use these to set a range for the total distance of the trip, as well as the original Amazon filters.


If you select the Origin on the loadboard page, you'll see the deadhead for each trip. The extension will not book a trip if its deadhead is more than the value you specify. For example, if you select a radius of 50 miles with the original Amazon filter, but you know all the trips you want are within a 30-mile range, you can set the Deadhead input to 30.


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