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Best Relay Auto Booker for Amazon Relay loadboard.
Automate your bookings and boost productivity in an easy way!
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How it works

  1. SIMPLE ALERT - get notifications when new loads are added and rate changes
  2. ADVANCED SEARCH - use our advanced filters to find the best loads for you
  3. AUTO BOOK - let Rocket Relay book loads matching your criteria automatically


Go to Chrome Web Store extension page.
Click 'Add to Chrome'.
Extension will let you know it need permission for Amazon Relay website. To approve, click Add extension.
It works only on Amazon Relay and turns off when you browsing other pages.
1) Click on the Rocket extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser (browser toolbar) and then click 'Sign In with Google':

2) Choose your account and reload page:

3) Click on the extension icon again and click Start trial:

4) You will be redirected to secured

5) Confirmation page (success):

6) Click on the Rocket extension icon to be sure license is active:

You can find Additional filters below original amazon filters on relay loadboard page.

There are 3 modes for Amazon Relay: Simple alert, Search, Auto Book. Each mode has own set of filters.

Simple alert mode has additional input 'Rate change alert'.

Search mode has additional inputs 'Buffer time', 'Stops', 'Distance min-max', Max Departure Time (from version 2.0)

Auto Book mode has additional inputs 'Quantity', 'Buffer time', 'Stops', 'Distance min-max', Max Departure Time (from version 2.0)

Each filter can be combined with original Amazon Relay filters.

For price detection pick 'Simple alert' mode, set all filters you need and set value in input 'Rate change alert'. Extension gets current load prices when you click 'Start'. When increase in load price matches your criteria, you get audio alert. This loads are highlighted in yellow and have 'Fast Book' option (accept load in 1 click). Above 'Fast Book' button you will see how much the price has increased.

Refresher stops after first match.

If you want only a new load detection - set high value in 'Rate change alert' (for example 999). This loads are highlighted in blue and have 'Fast Book' option too.

In case you see several highlighted loads and click on Fast Book, only one chosen load will book. Standard 'Book' button works as usual.

Search mode designed for detecting specific loads and to test how Auto book mode works, as it has same setup but no autobooking, only search and highlight.

'Buffer Time': helpful if you need some time to arrive on site without delay. Actually you can set there any value you want in minutes , so if you need 1 hour to arrive at the facility set Buffer time to 60.
Example: I need at least 2 hour to get up and arrive at the facility without delay. I can set value Buffer time to 120 minutes, now I'm sure I won't book a recovery load that starts in 30 minutes.
If no need in Buffer time set value to 0.

Distance From-To allows to get specific load.

Click on Auto Book mode. Simply use our advanced filters, select your desired quantity and click 'Start' button. When a match is found, extension will book it automatically and play the sound alert. If you enter a quantity > 1, Rocket Relay Auto Booker will continuously book matching loads until your selected quantity is reached.

So.. this happens, it means load was booked by someone or amazon removed it while booking process. Usually you can see some kind of error from relay website at that moment ('Load has been modified', 'Load does not exist anymore', 'Failed to fetch data'). Audio alert will play anyway, just let you know something happened with autobook tab.

Extension can not guarantee booking 100%. Some areas are highly competitive, your internet connection and device, relay website sometimes has technical issues, etc.

Please visit Locations FAQ page

We use a 5-step refresh rate change slider. In most cases, the initial auto-refresh speed (2/5) is fast enough to notify/book your loads. To get the best results, check the auto refresh speeds suit your requirements. Fast and stable internet connection is required for best experience.

It is not technically possible to run it faster, you can use multiple tabs.

You can use multiple tabs (browser windows) with different filters same time. Open each tab as a separate window and let in be open, other way Chrome can stop the app and notifications after some time. Your other browser activity would not be affected.

Notice: When you you Auto Book mode each open tab/window has own counter (quantity). For example, if quantity = 1 on both, you may book 2 loads, on first tab and second one.

Notice:Do not open more than 3-4 tabs, this can cause loads fail to appear for some time.

Rocket Relay team hauls amazon loads every day, so if Amazon Relay website get some changes we react immediately. Any updates will be announced on this website, so please check it first if you face any problem with the app.

Do not overuse app tabs and refresh speed rate to have full load visibility

Latest version 3.1 (Chrome Web Store)