Relay Auto Booker Refresher
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Best Relay Auto Booker for Amazon Relay loadboard.
Automate your bookings and boost productivity in an easy way!
download latest version 5.0

How it works

  1. ALERT - get notifications when new loads are added and rate changes
  2. SEARCH - use our advanced filters to find the best loads for you
  3. SAVE - saves last 50 trips that appear on the Amazon Relay loadboard to your database
  4. AUTO BOOK - let Rocket Relay book loads matching your criteria automatically
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How to install the extension?

Please go to Chrome Store and click Add to Chrome. Add to Chrome
It works with Chrome browser on Windows, MacOS.
Contact us for mobile version for Android.

How to open extension page?

To open up your extensions page, click the menu icon (three dots) at the top right of Chrome, point to “More Tools,” then click on “Extensions” and click on Rocket Relay icon.

Sign in with Google

Please sign in with Google account to start using the extension. You will see your License email and License ID. With it you can expedite your requests and account lookups when contacting support.

How to subscribe?

Click on the button ‘Start yout 7 day free trial’ on the extension page.
Please enjoy 7 day free trial. You can cancel anytime with no payment. When you enter payment details please make sure that License email and email in the Stripe form match. If email address you use for checkout is not your License Email (it happens if you use Google Pay etc) - please send us your License ID, your license status will be updated manually. Simple alert mode is free forever. Please subscribe to activate search and autobook features or simply to donate. Thank you!

I subscribed, license still not active

Please click on the refresh icon from the extension page, or refresh the loadboard page few times. If license is not active few minutes after you subscribed, please contact us with email or Telegram, to activate your license immediately.

How to cancel a subscription?

To view, modify or cancel your Stripe subscription go to Rocket extension page and click button "Manage subscription".
You can send email to with your License email and License ID, and we will cancel your subscription. Please contact us if you forgot to cancel your subscription in the beginning of the month and payment is collected - you will get full refund.

Simple alert

When you press Start button, extension remembers what loads are visible on loadboard page, then it begins to refresh the loadboard, stops on first match. You get sound notifications when new trips are added or the price of any trip goes up. Also it changes background color to green if a trip is newly added, or yellow, if payout of the trip goes up.


You can use this mode to get notification of specific trips. Search mode has same inputs as Autobook mode, so you can test how the extension works. It is very useful to practice with filters on visible trips to figure out how extension works, without any risk of booking wrong trip. Use Search mode if you wait for specific trips to appear but don’t want to use autobook.


Simply the same as Search mode, but books automatically if a required load is found. The only difference is the Quantity parameter. If you enter a quantity > 1, Auto Booker will continuously book matching loads until your selected quantity is reached. When you press the Start button, the extension begins to refresh the loadboard, and will try to book the load.
Double check all settings before starting!

Auto expanding

If checked, automatically opens details of highlighted trip, so you spend less time, do less clicks and see stops immediately.

Fastbook button

'Fastbook button' checkbox activates 'Fast Book' button for highlighted trips in Simple and Search modes. Is works as one-click booking (if you click on ‘Fast book’ it confirms trip automatically)

Price change, $

You can set a specific value for a price alert, for example, 200, it will alert only if the price goes more than $200 in compare to initial.


Randomizer adds a random pause before the next loadboard refresh, between 0 and your value from input (in milliseconds).
Example: if you set value 3000 to Randomizer it means pause after each refresh will be from 0 to 3 seconds. (3000 milliseconds) Pauses can be like 1000, 1500, 0, 3000, 1700 milliseconds etc. It makes page refreshing more human looking.

Max Departure time:

Select latest date and time your driver can depart. If trip starts later then Max Departure timestamp, it won’t be booked. You can combine this filter with original amazon Start/End datetime to have a specific time range.

Stem time:

Minimum time needed for the driver to travel to the origin. For example, I need at least 2 hours to get up and arrive without delay. I can set the value Stem time to 119 minutes, now I'm sure I won't book a trip that starts in 30 minutes. To sum up, it helps not to book trips where driver will be late, and your performance score will not suffer, as well as your Amazon business.
If there is no need in Stem time, set value to 0.

Min-Max distance:

With these you can set a duration range too, using original Amazon filters. So here you define minimum and maximum of total distance of the trip.


If you select Origin on loadboard page, you see deadhead for each trip. Extension won’t book a trip if it’s deadhead is more than you specify. Example: you select radius 50 miles with original Amazon filter, but know all trips you want is in 30 miles range, so put 30 to Deadhead input.


Check the link for more info