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Rocket Relay Auto Booker Refresher Pro

Best Chrome Extension for Amazon Relay Loadboard. Refresh results, automate your bookings and boost productivity in an easy way!
8000+ users book faster

Auto refresh

Automate the refreshing of Amazon Relay’s loadboard results and receive alerts upon the availability of new trips. Free!

Get alerts for selected trips

Get alerts for the best Amazon Relay trips based on your selected filters. Auto-expanding feature shows all stops for highlighted trip. Book trips in 1 click!

Auto-book best trips

Automate the booking of most paid trips based on your selected filters. Set required quantity and book trips in bulk.

Advanced filtering

Configure multiple sets of filters for the same driver to ensure no chance is missed! Filter trips by price, departure time, stem time, zipcodes and more.

Let's find more

Here you will find Tutorials how to download and install extension to PC / Android. Learn how to use the extension like a pro with detailed documentation.

Rocket Relay Membership

7 day free trial for PRO access. Release opportunity and start using the extension right away! Cancel anytime.

What’s included

  • Access to all features
  • Autobooking mode
  • All stops info block
  • Fast book button

Monthly subscription,

$49 USD / mo

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